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Agapanthus 'Pavlova'

Good dwarf white 80cm tall continual flowering and sterile

Ajuga 'Catlins'

Giant large bronze leaves, blue flowers

Ajuga 'Jungle Beauty'
Alstroemeria hybrids

All good for cutting

A. Mona Lisa

Cream with pink tones 1m tall

A. 'Red Baron'

Carmine red 1m tall

A. 'Royal Heritage'

Pink tinged lilac 1m tall

A. 'Sunset'

Shades pale reds/pink salmon in one flr 1m tall

A. 'Walter Fleming'

White and gold 1m tall

Anigozanthos 'Bush Dawn'

Gold Kangaroo Paw 1m

Anigozanthus 'Bush Sunset'

Red kangaroo Paw

Arthropodium cirratum

Rock lily - large sprays of white stars over grey green leaves 60cm tall. Sun or semi shade. NZ native

Aruncus dioicus

Fluffy cream beards on 1-2 meter stems. Ferny foliage, prefers damp soil.

Aster novaeangliae 'Alma Potschke'

Rich Carmine  Daisy, long flowering, great cut. 40-60cm tall, full sun.

Aster novaeangliae 'Harringtons Pink'

Soft pink,, long flowering, great cut. 40-60cm tall, full sun.

Bergenia cordifolia

Large green leaves 30cm spikes pink flowers good flowering form

Beschornia tonelli

Scarlet flower stems with green bells to 1m tall over wide green Aloe type leaves in 60cm clumps. Sun dry conditions, quite different

Beschornaria yucciodes

Pink flower stems green flowers 1-2m tall Blue gray yucca leaves not sharp

Brunnera macrophylla

Sky-blue forget-me-nots over large round leaves, 40cm clumps, shade.

Chrysanthemum maximum 'Cobbham Gold'

Double yellow daisy, 40cm, sun.

Cimicifuga americana

Dense cream spikes, ferny leaves, 90cm tall, shade.

Cimicifuga racemosa

Pure white bottlebrush flowers, green leathery leaves, often flowering twice. Shade.


Some photo samples...

Clivia gardenii - photo - photo

Orange with green tipped drooping flowers held on 60cm long stems. This plant grows very well in deep semi shade Only a few available

Clivia miniata - scarlet hybrids

Very wide dark green leaves, large rich scarlet flowers for dark shade

Clivia miniata - orange

Great groundcover for dark shade

Cyclamen hederafoliumPink mini flowers, heart leaves. Ground cover, shade.

Disporopsis longifolia omaiensis

White brown flower, dark evergreen Solomon Seal like clumps for dark shade woodland, choice

Disporopsis pernii

Dark green leaves white and green Solomen Seal like flowers, evergreen shade groundcover choice

Disporum flavum

Lemon flowers arching stems like Solomen Seal Choice shade woodland

Echium fastuosum x 'Blue Wings' - photo

A selected form with sky-blue spikes 60cm long on bushes to 1.5 meters. Dry, sun.

Epimedium rubrum

Wine flower pale green-orange leaves in spring turning green, woodland groundcover

Epimedium sagittatum

Rare! It's taken over 20 years to get this going well - gracefull stems, white star flowers over large leaves, shade.

Epmedium sulphureum

Yellow flowers great for the woodland garden

Epimedium warleyensis

Orange flowers pale green-orange leave turning green, woodland groundcover

Eryngium planum - Sea Holly

Violet blue flowers, 60-80cm stems, great cut flowers. Dry, sun.

Eryngium planum 'Blue Hobbit'

A dwarf selection, 30cm tall, sun.

Farfugium gigantea 'Crispy'

Evergreen ruffled leaves, 50cm tall, gold flowers in winter. Shade.

Gaillardia 'Arizona'

Bright red-yellow daisies, 30cm, sun.

Geranium himalayense

Rich blue flowers 40cm clumps Best for warm climate

Geranium madrensis 'Alba'

White flowers turn pink late in day 1 x 1m bush. NEW!

Geranium pratensis alba

Masses white flowers 30cm clumps

Geranium 'Rozann'

Rich violet-blue, with white eye. 30-40cm mounds, sun.

Geum 'Corky'

Rich warm orange flowers, 30cm, sun.

Geum 'Lady Stratheden'

Double yellow, 45cm, sun.

Geum 'Mrs. Bradshaw'

Double red, long flowering, 45cm, sun.

Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty'

60cm stems rich mahogany red daisies good cut

Helenium 'Summer Sun'

70cm gold daisies good cut

Helenium 'Wolstrand'

Gold bronze with black eye 1m


These plants are mostly from Mediterranean climates and do NOT enjoy constant sprinklers or heaps of blood and bone. They are NOT BOG PLANTS. GOOD DRAINAGE, plenty of light, a dressing of lime and a mulch of well rotted compost is all they need.

H. foetidus 'Wester Fliske'

Dwarf silver grey foliage green and red edge flowers

H. orientalis 'Winter Joy Bouquet'

Mixed colours, large flowers can be cut. Make huge clumps 40-60cm tall. Cut off dead foliage in autumn BEFORE flowering, sun or semi shade

H. sternii - Joy selection

Large heads pale green wine backed flowers 60-80cm tall red stems, gun metal grey leaves. Cut back AFTER flowering

Helmholtzia glaberrima

Pink candy floss flowers on 1-2 m stems large dark green iris like clumps 1-2m tall for shade.Very rare sub tropical from South Qlnd long lasting cut flowers,large plants

Hemerocallis - Day Lily

A wide range of colours available in this long flowering versatile sun loving plant. Reds-orange-yellow-lemon-crearn-apricot-pink-mauve-purple, Potted. Larger quantities available bare rooted, prices and varieties on request


Good foliage flower in shade going dormant in winter

H.Abiqua 'Delight'

Narrow green leaves with creamy white margin 25-30cm,flower deep lavender,good edging plant

H.Jade 'Cascade'

Glossy green heart shape leaf 25-30cm,pale lavender flowers, good for edges

H.Jade 'June'

Glossy green heart shape leaf 25-30cm,pale lavender flowers, good for edges

H. 'Lime Passion'

Purple shoots pale lime leaves our selection NEW

H. 'Mouse Ears'

Dainty little grey leaves.

H. Plantaginea

Medium pointed green leaf, scented white flowers

H. 'Shade and Fanfare'

Rich green leaves, 40cm, with cream edge, pale lavender flowers.

H. sieboldii

Large grey rounded leaf 60-80cm tall

H. 'So Sweet'

Medium green leaf edge pale cream very nice 30cm

H. 'Thomas Hogg'

Medium green and white leaf

H. 'Thunderballs'
H.'Twilight Dark'

Green round leaf with dark cream trim purple flwr 40-50cm

Iris setosa 'Varigata'

Rich violet flowers, green and white variegated leaves 60cm. Wet or dry soil

Iris sibirica 'Caesars Brother'

Violet blue

Isoplexsis isobelliana

Burnt orange foxglove flowers on 1m small shrub all year,great semi shade


Pokers are good for accent planting providing colour in late summer/autumn and winter. Sun loving

Some photo samples...

K. 'Butterscotch'

1m tall Autumn flowering New Hybrid

K. 'Coral Comet'

Masses coral red flowers over Christmas period 1m tall

K. ensifolia

Grey green leaf 80cm pointed spike orange and cream flowers rare

K. gracilis

Mini gold pokers winter 60cm

K. hirsuta

Mini green and orange pokers 30-40 cm rare species

K. 'Percys Pride'

Cream-yellow 1m tall Long flowering season 1m tall

K. 'Shining Scepter'

Rich orange in late winter-spring 1m tall

K. 'Pixie Pokers Shrimp Cocktail'

80cm tall dainty

K. umbriana

Scented brown flowers RARE

K. 'Winter Cheer'

Red and yellow flower in winter. Grows to 1.5m

Ligularia 'Britt Marie Crawford'

Huge bronze leaves yellow flowers in autumn 80cm x 80cm one of the best new perennials for many a year. Grows well in full sun or semi shade ordinary soil or damp conditions

Ligularia przewalskii

A narrow spire of gold daisies over elegant, deeoply cut heart shaped leaves. 60cm, shade and damp.

Ligularia reniformis - syn. Farfugium japonicum 'Gigantea'

Shiny bright green evergreen leaves yellow flower outstanding plant

Ligularia tussilaginea 'Aurea-maculata' - syn. Fargugium japonicum 'Aurea-maculata'

Large yellow spotted green leaves for damp or shade 50cm

Lilium pyrenaicum

Deep yellow turks caps. 80cm tall, semi-shade.

Liriope'Gold Band'

Rich purple flowers green leaves edged gold 40cm New

Liriope muscari 'Samantha'

Soft pink flowers plant great for semi shade/open light, not full sun.

Liriope muscari

Rich royal purple flower held over dark green foliage great for shade

Lomandra pallidifolia

Little Pal fine grass foliage great for semi shade to full sun New

Neomarica caerulea

1.2m tall iris like plant with sky blue flowers with bronze zebra like patterning in the center good for semi shade to full sun and good drainage

Neomarica northiana

Large white banded brown and yellow iris flowers on 40cm spikes. Shiny rich green leaves 30cm tall, good shade

Penstemon hirsutus

Lilac and white flowers, 20cm tall. Rock plant, sun.

Penstemon hybrids

Various colours available, pink, red, white, violet. Sun.

Phlomis cashmeriana

Grey leaves, 50-80cm, bushy, lilac-pink flowers. Likes sun and dry.

Phlomis fruiticosa

Grey leaves, 80-100cm, bushy, gold flowers. Likes sun and dry.

Phlomis x 'Honey Glow'

Our own hybrid, P. cashmeriana x samia. 1x1 meter bushy, large grey leaves, pinkish-cream flowers for a long season.  Needs plenty of room, likes sun and dry.

Phlomis samia

Large grey leaves, yellow flower heads,60cm clumps DRY Sun.

Podophyllum emodii - May Apple

Curious flowers borne under the round leaves, shade.

Polygonatum odoratum

Common Solomon Seal great semi shade plant green and white tubes beneath. Arching leaf stems

Pulmonaria 'Bertram Anderson'

Sea blue flowers, narrow dark green, white spotted leaves. 20cm, shade.

Pulmonaria 'Saphire'

Masses of blue flowers, pale green and white spotted leaves. 20cm, shade.

Rodgersia podophylla

Big jagged leaves, bronze when young. Sprays of fluffy flowers. Damp shade.


Salvias should have a light trim up after flowering and can be pruned back in mid spring to prevent them from becoming too large. DO NOT FEED NITROGEN or they will be all leaf and brittle.

S. Black Night'

Dark blue flowers all year on 1m bush

S. corregata

Rich blue flowers mainly in winter 1m bushy

S.iodantha 'Compacta' - photo

Long flowering spikes of rich burgundy purple flowers mainly in winter bronze leaves,1.5 bush

S. leucantha

Purple glow rich purple flowers 60cm bushy new selection

S. leucantha 'Spring Gold Joy'

White and purple flowers over gold leaves in spring turning pale green 80cm bushy New selection

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

Strong growing plant good rusty red autumn tones

Sedum 'Brilliant'

Bright pink great for butterflies and bumble bees loves dry sunny sites

Sedum 'Star Dust'

White flowers also good in hot dry conditions

Sisyrinchium 'Marion'

Rich royal blue flowers 20cm grassy clumps new

Sisyrinchium striatum 'Mrs. Spivy'

Pale cream stars on iris like stems, greyish leaves 40-60cm clumps

Statice perezi

Large heads dark blue everlasting grey green leaves 50cm clumps good cut

Strelitzia nicolai

Bird of Paradise white and blue flowers, large clump forming 3m high, taller over long period

Strelitzia reginae

Orange and blue flowers 1.5m clumps

Thunbergia natalensis

Strong clumps with blue trumpet flowers 80cm tall sun or shade

Xanthorrhoea australis

We have a few nice grasstrees at present. They are slow growing from seed. 20 year old plants at only $25. Do not fertilize, sun.

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