All plants are $8 unless otherwise marked.
All prices are GST inclusive.

Any items marked, are out of stock until further notice. Please contact us for further enquiries on these or other items at 09 23 89129 or hatch.clan@xtra.co.nz

Adiantum hispidulum

Rosy maidenhair sun or semi-shade 10-20cm

Asplenium bulbiferum - Hen and Chickens Fern

70-80cm high

Asplenium lamprophyllum - photos


Blechnum discolor - Crown fern

Will form small trunks soft green fronds

Blechnum fluviatile - River Fern

Rounded leaves good shade and damp

Blechnum novae-zelandiae

A large fern suited to wet sites commonly found on road side cuts

Blechnum penna marina - Pen Fern

Thick ground cover green and bronze


Cyclosorus interruptus Out of Stock

Tall bright green fronds suited to swampy soils deciduous rare


Doodia australis - Pupupuku

Dark green fronds turn pink clump forming 50cm dry shade


Lastreopsis microsora Out of Stock

Soft creeping fern with light green fronds suited to semi-shade


Marattia salicina - King Fern Out of Stock

Emerald green native fern well grown


Sticherus flabellatus

A very attractive sp with fan-shaped fronds liking rich damp soils in light shade not commonly available prefers warm sites in frost free zones


Todea barbara - NZ Royal Fern Out of Stock

Bright green fronds to 1m semi shade Rare

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