New Zealand Natives

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Acaena inermis var. purpurea - photo

Rich purple foliage groundcover

Ackama rosifolia

A small tree great in semi shade 4m

Agathis australis - photo


Alectryon excelsa - photo - photo

Alseuosmia quercifolia

A small shrub with an amazing scent growing to 1m

Alseuosmia macrophylla - photo

A shrub with an amazing scent

Anamanthele lessonii - gossamer grass - photo

50cm clumps arching stems of feathery heads with reddish hue,shade

Arthropdium cirratum - Rock lily

Large sprays white stars over grey green leaves 60cm tall. Sun or semi shade

Astelia banksii - photo

Silver strap leaves purple fruits on female plants will grow well on coastal sites or well drained soils, 1m tall

Astelia chatamica

Silver sword like foliage to 1m or more. Large bunches of orange berries if pollinated. Best in semi shade in hot climates, good coastal NZ Native

Astelia chathamica x fragens

Hybrid, silver green with central stripe, can turn bronze in cold weather 1x1 m clumps

Astelia grandis

Stiff green leaves orange berries, in clumps will take dark shade

Astelia trinervia

Known as kauri grass is a great ground plant for semi shade in native plantings. Its green robust tufted leaves are most attractive once mature

Astelia 'Westland'

Bronze red strap leaves Best in semi shade in warm climate 50cm-1m tall

Bolboschoenus fluviatilis

One of few wetland species that will tolerate salt waters

Baumea articulata

1m tall dark green rush

Baumea rubignosa

60cm tall dark green rush

Baumea teretifolia

Rush wire like leaves 60cm great for waterside or damp places

Carex secta - photo

80cm tall green clumps for swamps, good for wild life cover

Carex solandrii

Pale yellow green leaves 30cm clumps, will grow in dry and shade

Carex tenuiculmis

Buff/brown leaves 50cm clumps, will tolerate wet sites

Carex testacea

Orange bronze grass Good coastal windy and poor soils

Carpodetus serratus - photo - photo

A small swamp tree with marbled leaves and black berries when ripe good bird food most attractive tree for around wetland areas

Chionochloa flavicans

60-80cm arching sprays creamy green flower-plumes good for floral work. Miniature toetoe

Chionochloa flavicans f. Te Mata

From Havelock North. Foliage more upright & grey than the species flowering plumes slightly less full more graceful compared to standard Chionochloa flavicans

Clematis afoliata - photo

This small yellow scented flowered sp has no leaves and is a scrambler for full sun in poor soils with good drainage. Rare

Clematis cunninghamii

This species is a small climber with delicate green flowers. Rare

Clematis forsteri

A rare climber with cream flowers found in few costal areas

Clematis hookeriana

A rare sp found costal areas with cream/green flowers

Clematis paniculta

Large white flowers spring climbing or ground cover


All these are small leaf twiggy forms(divaricating types)great berries for birds, accent plants for stone and boulder gardens

Coprosma acerosa - photo

Red rocks prostrate bronze twigs 30cm

Coprosma acerosa - Hawera - photo - photo

Very prostrate

Coprosma acerosa - kariotahi

Green ground cover orange stems

Coprosma areolata

A shade loving sp found in many bush locations light brown foliage 2m bush

Coprosma robusta - photo - photo - photo

2-3m bush masses orange fruits for birds. Good revegetation plant

Coprosma 'Clearwater'

Gold divericate shrub 1m or more

Coprosma crassifolia

Dark leaves divericate 1m or more

Coprosma depressa

Tiny bronze leaves flat mat growth very hardy ground cover

Coprosma grandiflora - photo - photo

Large leafed coprosma will tolerate wet feet and shade 3m

Coprosma kirkii

Black cloud dark leaves thick bushy ground cover

Coprosma lucida - photo - photo

Rich orange fruits 3m bush

Coprosma macrocarpa - photo - photo - photo

Large glossy green leaves with large orange fruits 2m

Coprosma petrei

Flat mat tiny leaves will slowly spread, has small blue fruits, great groundcover for containers and rock gardens uncommon

Coprosma propinqua - photo

A wetland small tree will grow up to 5m great for birds

Coprosma repens

Large shining leaves, bushy groundcover shrub orange fruits for birds great reveg for coastal or windy

Coprosma repens

Poor Knights form. Grows prostrate with smaller leaves than C.repens great coastal or pots

Coprosma rhamnoides

Very tight twiggy shrublet bronze leaves crimson drupes

Coprosma rigida 'Tangle humpty'

A great Joy Plants selection of this bronze leaves divaricate, makes a neat mound 50-80cm . Would make a great dwarf hedge or tub plant

Coprosma rugosa - photo

Prostrate horizontal branchlets, black leaves and blue fruits, great for pots, tubs or rock gardens

Coprosma virescens

A great divericate shrub that can be used as a hedge or specimen up to 4m high this sp also has a number of selections

Coprosma virescens - pink stem form

This distinct colour in the stems makes for a real nice addition to this sp

Coprosma virescens - dwarf form

This is another selection that has been made for its slower growth habit and reduced size making it suitable for the smaller garden

Cordyline australis

Iconic NZ cabbage tree scented flowers

Cordyline pumilo - dwarf cabbage tree

Highly scented white flowers 50cm green clumps

Cordyline 'Tauranga Bay'

Narrow leaf hybrid cabbage tree 2m tall good tub plant scented flowers

Corokia 'Amber Gold'

Large bronze gold leaves on 2m bush, masses gold flowers red fruits for birds. Great hedge

Corokia 'Cheesmanii'

A great plant as a wind hardy hedge 2m masses of small yellow flowers

Corokia cotoneaster

A very good hardy sp with many forms bronze /brown foliage

Corokia cotoneaster - North Cape selection

This prostrate growing Corokia has bronze foliage yellow flowers and red fruits its flate habit is a great addition to an already useful plant group 15cm high

Corokia 'Geentys Green'

A slender green cultivar suitable for hedging

Corokia 'Little Prince'

Black leaves on twiggy shrublet 80cm

Corokia macrocarpa

Bright green leaves yellow fruits Good windy sights 2m shrub

Corynocarpus laevigatus - Karaka Tree

Very large evergreen with orange fruits

Dacrydium cuppressinum - Rimu - photo - photo

The lady of the forest a must for any bush block

Dacrycarpus dacrydioides - Kahikatea - photo - photo - photo

The largest of the N.Z swamp trees

Dianella haematica

An unknown sp in the trade has rich blue berries on long arching stems in large clumps of fine flax like leaves will take moist and shady conditions . RARE

Dianella nigra

A small but useful plant for shade to semi-shade with sprays of white-blue fruits

Dodonaea viscosa - Ake Ake

A fast grow sp that is great for windy reveg jobs

Elaeocarpus hookerianus

Small tree with tangled branches and tiny leaves, fruit for birds. RARELY OFFERED

Elingamita Johnsonii - photo

Rare native small tree, bunches scarlet fruit, good container plant. Will take dry conditions

Euphorbia glauca

Grey-blue foliage pink stems 40cm clumps rare

Ficina nodosa

Bright green rush 80cm tall good coastal or swamp plant

Fuschia exortica

Red flowers purple fruit tree fuschia great for birds 2m plus

Fuschia procumbens

Yellow and green flowers groundcover

Geniostoma rupestre

A small shrub suitable for shade-semi shade light green leaves

Grisellinia littoralis - photo

A very tough tree very popular hedge with its bright green leaves

Grisellinia lucida - photo - photo

Great coastal tree very wind hardy very glossy green leaves 8m

Hebes - photo

Various species are grown and some of the better hybrids are available in small amounts.  Please contact us for stock inventory.

Hedycarya arborea - Pigionwood

This great tree is a favorite with the birds when in fruit

Jovellana sinclairii - photo - photo

This delicate little perennial shrub is a must for the collector with its pale lilac flowers it has become rare in the wild great for the semi-shade

Knightia excelsa - Rewarewa

This tree is a must for birds and bees alike producing honey for all

Kunzea ericoides - Kanuka - Tea Tree

A good revegatation tree

Laurelia nova-zealandiae

A very attractive swamp tree with its large buttress roots and trunk

Lepidosperma laterale

Flat leaf rush 60cm tall clumps poor soil

Leptospernum Mahine

Flat mat white tea tree ground cover our selection

Leptospernum - Wairere Falls selection

Mounding tumbling growth white flowers ground cover tea tree

Leptocarpus similis - Ohiohi

This NZ native rush known as jointed rush with dark brown bands on its grey rush like stems is great for moist to wet soils and coastal conditions but not essential

Libertia edgariae - Butterfly Creek

White butterfly flowers over dwarf iris leaves 10-20cms

Libertia grandifloria 'Gentle Annie' - photo

30-40cm grassy clumps, masses flwrs like butterflies. Very dainty, shade and damp

Libertia Cranwelliae 'Eastcape'

White flowers large yellow fruits wide yellow leaves 40cm tall

Libertia ixiodes 'Pelorus'

Wide leaves white iris flowers very large yellow pods 40cm tall

Libertia ixiodes 'Tricolour'

Yellow striped leaves 40-50cm tall yellow pods

Libocedrus plumose - Kawaka - photo - photo - photo

Beautiful native cedar tree soft green scented foliage tall tree

Lophomyrtus obcordata

A small shrub with small leaves great for cut foliage

Machaerina sinclairii

Arching iris like leaves bright green and shiny. Fluffy brown flower heads to 1m tall

Macropiper - photo - photo

Bright green heart shaped leaves great semi shade shrub 2m, wind hardy and greats bird food fruits

Melicope simplex - photo - photo

A small diveriacate tree great for semi shade small lime green flowers

Melicope ternate - photo

Small sprays white flowers and black seeds extremely wind hardy classic tree

Melicytus alpinus

Twiggy shrublet masses scented flowers 50cm hedgehog bush slow growing

Melicytus crassifolius

Twiggy shrublet masses scented flowers in bush

Melicytus macrophyllus

Large leafed whiteywood for warm costal areas

Melicytus obovata

1m shrub like buxus good hedge plant rare

Metrosideros bartletti

A rare sp with small white flowers found only in 2 locations in far northland and grows to be a small tree with a pappery bark

Metrosideros carminea

Climbing rata with bright red flowers quite rare in the wild

Metrosideros excelsa - Pohutakawa

Our native Christmas tree

Muehlenbeckia astonii - photo

Bronze twiggy shrub salty hardy

Muehlenbeckia axillaris

Thick ground cover good coastal plant native butterfly plant food

Muehlenbeckia complexa - photo

Thick green groundcover masses of cream flowers great for butterflies will grow almost any where great for erosion control. We also have this with pink flowers

Myrsine australis

Common mapou this makes a excellent hedge

Myrsine aquilinea - photo - photo

Poor Knights local, leaves rounded bushlet great for box hedge substitute (a lot nicer)50-100cm

Myrsine divaricata

Amazing natural bonsai 2-3m tall great wind hardy or informal hedge plant. Berries for birds

Myrsine salicina - photo - photo

Nestegis apetala - Coastal Maire - photo - photo - photo

This stunning small tree is a must for the coastal garden with its shiny dark green foliage and purple red olive like fruits a very choice plant great for birds. RARE

Nestegis cuninghamii - Black Maire

Tiny flowers masses pink drupes for birds classic tree

Nestegis lanceolata - White  Maire

Red fruits 4m bushy tree

Oleria nummularifolia

White flowers yellow-green leathery leaves tight rounded shrublet 50-100cm. Enjoys wind

Oleria solandri - photo - photo

Scented white flowers silvery grey leaves twiggy shrub 1-2m wind hardy

Parsonsia capsularis

Strong climber scented sprays white flowers NZ Jasmine

Pennatia baylissiana

Another must for costal gardens and those collectors of rare natives a small tree with large leathery subtropical bright green leaves and black fruits for birds. VARY RARE

Pennatia corymbosa

A unique tree that changes from a juvenile leaf form to a mature leaf, this is also a great source of bird food when in fruit masses of little black fruits

Phormium cookianum

Mini green NZ flax 50cm bright green, damp

Phormium tenax

Large NZ flax up to 2m great for wind y and wet conditions

Phyllocladus trichomanoides - Tanekaha

Commonly known as celery pine

Pimelia aridula - Te Mata

Silvery shrublet, white flowers, pink fruit, 30sm. Dry, windy and sun.

Pimelia concinivia

Silvery shrublet, white lfowers, white fruit, 20cm. Sun.

Pimelia prostrata 'Quicksilver'

Masses white flowers nearly all year round grey foliage 20cm x 60cm spread.Joy introduction

Pimelia tomentosa

Silver shrub, white flowers, black fruit. Semi-shade.

Pittosporum anomela - photo - photo - photo

Black flowers leathery ferny leaves divaricate shrublet slow very rarel

Pittosporum euginoides - photo - photo

Large pittosporum suitable for a hedge or the general landscape very wind hardy and great in mixed plantings

Pittosporum corniflolium - photo

Poor knights, glossy leaves on 1.5m shrub yellow flowers Great landscape plant

Pittosporum crassifolium

Commonly used in hedging especially in coastal conditions a very hardy tree responds to pruning

Pittosporum kirkii

Pink flowers flat seed pods long leathery leaves 1-2m shrub uncommon

Pittosporum obcordatum - photo - photo - photo

Divariacte shrub tiny flower fruit and leaves wonderful classic native shrub (Omarake Hawkes bay) form RARE

Pittosporum pimelioides - photo - photo - photo

Red scented flowers bright green leaves small shrub 50-80cm (Whangaroa). Uncommon

Pittosporum 'ralphii' - giant leaf form (Hicks Bay) - photo - photo

Huge silvery leaves masses dark red flowers followed by large green yellow pods. Very wind hardy small tree-shrub 4m Good bird food. Uncommon

Pittosporum turnerii - photo

One of the divaricate Pittosporums a small tree with scented flowers and tiny silver leaves and a slim upright form. RARE

Pittosporum umbellatum - photo - photo

Masses pink flowers angular pods great nectar for birds wind hardy shrub 2/3m or more

Plagianthus divaricatus

Shore ribbonwood suitable for salt marsh and swamp areas 2m

Plagianthus regias - Ribbonwood - photo

Divaricate tree when young changes with age good swamp tree 5m

Pouteria costata - Tawapou

A fantastic costal forest tree for birds and looks

Pomaderis - photo

Pratia angulata

Strong ground cover masses white flowers sun or shade

Pratia perpusila - photo

Dainty ground cover white flowers uncommon

Prumnopitys ferruginea - Miro

A good food source for native pigeon

Prumnopitys taxifolia - Matai

Another one for the birds although a bit slow growing

Pseudopanax arboreus

A fast growing species great as a source of bird food and for windy costal sites its large glossy leaves make it great for the subtropical look 4m

Pseudopanax crassifolius - Common lance wood

This attractive tree makes a great feature

Pseudopanax ferrox - fearce lance wood - photo - photo

Known for its jagged leaves and black fruit rare

Pseudopanax laetus

Large leafed sp not as tall as some but still a good size shrubby tree

Pseudopanax lessonii

Great coastal shrubby tree good bird tucker 5m high

Pseudopanax lessonii

Hybrids, fine to wide leave form 3m shrub good bird food plant

Pseudopanax gilliesii

RARE small leaves to 2m shrub good bird food

Pseudowintera colerata - Pepper tree

Creamy/pinkish leaves grey underside scented cream stars

Rhabdothamnus solandri - photo

Rhopalostylis baurii - Kermedec Nikau Palm

Faster growing and larger leaf than main land forms for shade, scarlet berries

Rhopalostylis sapida - Nikau Palm - photo - photo - photo

Slow growing for shade, scarlet berries

Selliera radicans

Thick creeping matt white fan flowers good coastal or groundcover

Sophora 'Dragon's Gold' - Kowhai - photo

Sophora microphylla - Kowhai

Devils creek, Dunstan Range South Island Extremely hardy form masses golden flowers on slow growing twiggy tree

Sophora godleyi

Taupo, greyish leaves large gold flowers hardy tree

Sporadanthus ferrugineus

Native restio great for wetlands or moist sites. Uncommon

Streblis banksii - Milk Tree - photo

Red berries bushy tree rare

Streblus smithii

A rare small growing tree a must for the collector with a warm site

Syzygium maire - photo - photo - photo

A swamp tree that has become rare due to the need for continual wet feet

Tecomanthe speciosa - photo

Large cream trumpets on strong sprays, evergreen climber NZ Native climber good for windy sights

Tetrapathaea tetrandra

NZ passion fruit strong climber orange fruits

Vitex lucens - photo - photo

A great large tree for frost free sites with its red berries after its flowering of masses of pink feeding all the tui around

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