Grasses, Carex, and Monocots

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Anemanthele lessoniana

Gossamer grass 80cm clumps arching stems of feathery heads with reddish hue, shade

Aristea major photo

Large evergreen iris like leaves ,arching sprays sky blue flowers 1.5m sun

Astelia chathamica

Silver sword like foliage to 1m or more. Large bunches of orange berries if pollinated. Best in semi shade in hot climates, good coastal. NZ native.Landscape grades

Astelia grandis

Stiff green leaves orange berries, 1m clumps will take dark shade


Carex dipsacea

Erect green-orange leaves clumps to 60cm

Carex secta

80cm tall green clumps for swamps, good for wild life cover. NZ native

Carex solandrii

Pale yellow green leaves 30cm clumps, will grow in dry and shade NZ native

Chionochloa flavicans

60-80cm arching sprays creamy green flower-plumes good for floral work. Miniature toetoe NZ native


Dietes bicolor

Lemon and maroon iris flowers on 1m stems .Iris like leaves sun or shade

Dietes grandiflora

Large white with purple eye iris like flower 1m. Shade and sun, dry soil, very tough

Dietes iridiodes

White with purple iris flowers 50cm clumps, very tough

Dietes robinsoniana

Many large white with orange band iris flowers on 2m spike. Broad stiff grey green sword leaves, 1.5m clumps. Sun or shade good drainage. Lord Howe Island so good coastal, slow to flower. Choice


Libertia formosa

Green iris like clumps, sprays white flowers 60cm or more tall, good in shade

Libertia grandiflora 'Gentle Annie' - photo

30-40cm grassy clumps, masses of white flowers like butterflies. Very dainty, shade and damp. From the Gentle Annie hills. A new selection

Liriope muscari 'Samantha'

A soft pink flowering plant great for semi shade or open light not full sun

Liriope Muscari 'Munroe White' Out of Stock

A pure white flowering form best in semi shade for best results

Luzula sylvestris Out of Stock

Broad grassy leaves to 40cmGraceful spikes brown nutlets to100cm. Dry shade


Miscanthus 'Silver Light'

Soft silvery leaves Bronze plumes to 1m


Ophiopogon 'Black Dragon'

Darkest leaf, blue fruits

Ophiopogon - green

Good grass substitute

Ophiopogon 'Nana'

Small fine green leaves 5cm high

Ophiopogon japonicus var. gramineus

Fine leaves 30cm tall clumps, pale flowers best in shade

Orthrosanthus multiflorus

Masses of sky blue butterfly flowers on a 60cm stem Iris foliage clump

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