Plants for Damp Soils

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Acorus wogon

White pig tail flowers yellow  and green 20cm variegated clumps

Anemanthele lessoniana

Gossamer grass 80cm clumps arching stems of feathery heads with reddish hue, shade

Aristea major - photo

Large evergreen iris like leaves ,arching sprays sky blue flowers 1.5m sun

Astelia chathamica

Silver sword like foliage to 1m or more. Large bunches of orange berries if pollinated. Best in semi shade in hot climates, good coastal. NZ native.Landscape grades

Astelia grandis

Stiff green leaves orange berries, 1m clumps will take dark shade


Carex dissita

An erect swamp grass great for around ponds bright green

Carex secta

80cm tall green clumps for swamps, good for wild life cover.NZ native

Calocasia fallax

Mini taro blue green leaves clump forming


Darmeria peltatum (Peltiphyllum)

Large round leaves pink flower spikes.To replace gunnera now on weed list


Elegia capensis Out of Stock

2m tall green restio graceful by water in a sunny or semi shade position. Very ornamental good cut



Will grow in damp soils see main list


Iris ensata - Higo Iris - Japanese Iris

Mix of whites, blues, and purples


Leptocarpus similis - Ohiohi

This NZ Native rush known as jointed rush with dark brown bands on its grey rush like stems is great for moist to wet soils and coastal conditions but not essential

Libertia grandiflora 'Gentle Annie' - photo

30-40cm  grassy clumps, masses with flowers like butterflies, very dainty shade and damp

Ligularia tussilaginea aurea-maculata

Large yellow spotted green leaves for damp or shade, 50cm


Miscanthus sinesis 'Zebrinus' Out of Stock

Banded or zebra grass 2m tall green with yellow bands appearing in. Early summer,damp.


Primula heladoxa

Yellow candelabra primrose 80cm stems



A versatile garden plant, sun loving but enjoys damp conditions, long flowering. If cut back after first flush asecond flowering in the autumn

Tradescantia 'Alba'

Pure white flowers

Tradescantia 'Baby Joy'

Soft baby pink masses flowers 40cm

Tradescantia 'Jazz'

Rich rose pink

Tradescantia 'Purple Dome'

Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Natal'

Pink form white with pink throat. Good pink in shade

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